How to Read Your Water Meter
How can a customer determine if there is a leak from looking at water meter?

If you are a residential or business customer with Tennessee American Water, itís likely that you have a Neptune T-10 direct read meter that tracks your water usage. Itís important for you to understand how much water your home or business uses each month. By tracking your water usage, you can quickly identify leaks within your home or business as well as discover ways you can help conserve water during the summer months.

First, you will need to locate your meter box. Typically, your meter box is located in the front of the property near the street. The meter will reside inside a concrete box, which will have a meter box lid. Carefully remove the lid by inserting a large screwdriver into one of the holes located on the lid. Once the screwdriver is firmly inside the hole; use the screwdriver to pry the lid off the concrete box.

Once the meter box lid is opened, you will see the water meter. Lift the protective cap on the water meter to read the meter.

There is a dial and an odometer on the meter face. The dial measures the amount of water that your home or business is using throughout the day. For the typical residential meter, one full rotation of the dial equals one cubic foot of water usage, or 7.50 gallons. The odometer is a cumulative reading of the total water usage from the day when Tennessee American Water installed the meter.

In order to track your water usage, record the numbers on the odometer as well as the date you recorded the information. Once you have recorded the odometer reading, it is important that you replace and secure the lid by sliding it back into place on the concrete box.

After seven days, read the odometer again and record the water usage and date. By subtracting the first reading from the second reading you will be able to determine your water use in cubic feet for that week. To convert this number into gallons, multiply the water usage by 7.50. If you want to know your average daily water usage during this period, divide the water usage in gallons by the number of days between readings.

Please keep in mind that you may check the water meter and record your usage on a different date than Tennessee American Water uses for its billing purposes. This could result in a slight difference in the amount you find on your water meter in comparison to the water usage used to determine your bill.

However, if your reading is considerably higher than what is on your bill, check for a leak or try to determine the source that may use a large amount of water. To identify potential leaks, most Neptune meters used by Tennessee American Water are equipped with a leak indicator.  The leak indicator is located on the face of the meter; it is the small red triangle just to the left of the main meter dial. To test for leaks, turn off all equipment and appliances within the property that use water.  Once you are sure that no water should be coming into the home or business return to the meter; if the leak indicator is moving, water is still flowing through the meter and there is probably a leak somewhere in your system.

If your reading is significantly lower than the reading on your bill, please contact Tennessee American Water at (866) 736-6420 to request someone to come and re-read your meter.